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Ushering workforce management into the future of work

Discovering a modern enterprise WFM system that steps beyond the transactional


WorkAxle is thrilled to partner with UNLEASH on this exclusive Insights Report to aid your journey in ushering in the next age of workforce management

The provision of solutions to aid the majority is going unmet, with legacy systems that are unfit for purpose, housed in manual paper-based processes (or solutions that only help desk-based workers).

The whole world has shifted the way it works over the last two years, and HR pundits have welcomed the era of hybrid and remote working. Yet, when it comes to deskless populations, there is still incredibly little attention paid to the relationship between how and when work gets done and the importance of the experience in a physical workplace that’s far removed from readily available technology in our daily lives or the needs of HR teams.

It's time to usher in the next age of Workforce Management!

We've put together this ebook to help you:

  • Consider the state of workforce management today and where the pitfalls are in current solutions.
  • Understand the tangible benefits of the tools available for digital workforce management.
  • Zoom in on what a modern enterprise WFM system looks like and the benefits it can provide to your organization and employees.
  • Hear about a new workforce management implementation case study from a prominent retail pharmacy organization and the measurable outcomes this transformation project provided.